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The K2 Aviation brand is synonymous with Denali flight-seeing and a major adventure destination internationally. K2 Aviation came to Alopex after a frustrating round of trying to have a website developed without a clear visual direction. In desperate need of rebranding and digital pick-me-up, K2 Aviation contracted Alopex to revamp their representation.


The K2 Aviation logo has undergone a number of revisions over the company’s lifetime. Complicating the matter, their sister company, Rust’s Aviation, would also need to be rebranded in a similar way. What resulted was a brand system that evokes the grandeur and excitement of flying around the tallest mountain in the world. The brand mark and fonts went through dozens of revisions with multiple meetings—after all, this brand is on the tails of a fleet of bright red airplanes. The logo package for K2 Aviation defines their brand colors, fonts and usage and includes file types for absolutely every type of application.


Traffic to Flyk2.com is significant year-round and comprised of international visitors who come to Alaska for spectacular experiences. A major advantage that K2 Aviation has is that their line of business attracts phenomenal photographers and videographers, which gave Alopex a lot to work with. The website incorporates media as an integral part to communicating the adventures, and highly optimized tools like the weather tool and interactive map engages users and get them excited about their K2 Aviation flight-see. FlyK2.com is built on WordPress and integrates a number of tools to help drive traffic to the website and increase conversions—including Yoast for SEO and Pantheon for powerful hosting.


Since publishing the new FlyK2 experience and brand, FlyK2.com has seen a significant fall in bounce rates, an increase in page engagement (how long people spend on pages) and over a doubling of conversion rates through website bookings. The brand update has culminated in much stronger positioning among K2’s competition and recognizability of the brand has been shored-up.

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