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Midnight Sun Oncology (MSO) presented and interesting challenge to Alopex for the reason that readers who navigate to MSO really don’t want to be there. Instead of trying to fight this, Alopex counseled the client that the goal for the website should be simple presentation of complex information and a sense of reassurance.


MSO was designed with two primary functions; to give a short overview of the treatment of cancers, and to present Midnight Sun Oncology and its staff to the user. MidnightSunOncology.com is one of the more visually simple websites that Alopex has developed—and that is because much of the time was spent ironing out content and condensing sections into a much more web-friendly form, where people are hesitant to read long paragraphs. Straight-forward navigation, sweeping landscapes, and clever condensation of information make the website very readable on any device and approachable. A palate of cyans, very light grays and white imbues the site with a friendly but professional feeling.


MidnightSunOncology.com is a WordPress website that has been incredibly optimized for responsiveness. Because of the very limited number of assets on the website, Alopex was able to hyper compress many of the images, meaning a snappy load time. The use of ‘repeating fields’ in this custom-built theme allows information to be organized into accordion-style interactions on the treatments page—a unique method of presenting this information. As with all Alopex websites, MSO is fully integrated with Google Analytics and developed only with tools that are parsable by search engines.


A comparison with any of the other existing sites in MSO’s field makes it obvious that MidnightSunOncology.com is highly local, utilizing local images, approachable photography, and purposefully written content without jargon or waffling. This is, of course, due to the fact that this website was designed and built specifically for MSO by Alopex. Even without Search Engine Marketing (SEM), MSO enjoys a top-five result in most applicable searches. MidnightSunOncology.com is an excellent example of a high design site that is simple to use and does the job well.

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