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The Sheldon Chalet is a luxury destination that offers visitors an incomparable experience of Denali in a multi-million dollar chalet, perched on a nunatak in the middle of the Ruth Glacier. The Sheldon family approached Alopex having seen their work with K2 Aviation and needing direction in positioning the Sheldon Chalet in the competitive environment of luxury travel. Though highly engineered, this project was a blank slate in terms of marketing.


As a family project with deep history, the Sheldon Chalet warranted a deep discovery process for the brand that would do justice to the environment. Alopex investigated a number of branding traditions, including national parks, luxury hotels, and adventure apparel. As with all Alopex branding projects, sketches became compositions that were presented to and refined with the client. The resulting mark is stark and elegant with the chalet, Mount Dan Beard, and the dome of the sky behind it. The dramatic font of “Sheldon Chalet” pairs beautifully with the modernism of “Experience Grand”, the tagline discovered by the Alopex creative team.


Undoubtedly, the star of is the photography. Alopex had the fortune of working with the legendary Jeff Schultz to produce the assets for Sheldon Chalet.

Art direction is an important aspect of content creation, helping focus the style and tone of visuals.

Visit to see more of Jeff’s iconic work.

Bespoke Elements is peppered with highly designed interactive elements. From micro-animations to layered blueprints, this website is a prime example of how design and coding can fuse together to create something magical.

Website is the most refined and elegant websites that Alopex has created. This is heavily due to the fact that the Alopex team was able to work with a blank slate—everything from the copy to the imagery to the illustrations was purposefully directed and produced by the Alopex team. Featuring photography from the legendary Jeff Schultz, the website provides the user with a taste of the Sheldon Chalet experience. Highly editorial styles create a unique digital experience that piques the interest of the viewer.


Sheldon Chalet is enjoying the attention of national media—while being prepared for it. The brand of the Sheldon Chalet marries perfectly with their marketing and social media presence, presenting a unified vision and flavor that makes branding easy. The Sheldon Chalet opened to guests in February 2018 and has been featured in many publications and shows.

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