Voice Of The Arctic Iñupiat – Feature

One of our recent websites, Voice of the Arctic Iñupiat, was created for Thrive Creative and Communications. The organization is all about clarity of message, and our site communicates that. We prioritized simplicity in our design. The site is clean and uncluttered, saying everything it needs to and nothing it doesn’t.

The homepage prominently displays the organization’s mission statement on a background of stunning landscape photography. Organization news is relayed on a scrolling bar, and quotes from organization figureheads cycle near the middle of the page, making sure the most information is displayed on a limited amount of website space. Our straightforward design conveys an easy sophistication that speaks volumes for the professionalism of our clients.

How Voice of the Arctic Iñupiat Was Built

The Voice of the Arctic Iñupiat website is built on WordPress, which allows our client to manage pages and content with ease. All visuals are highly compressed or generated using HTML, which allows the site to be loaded exceptionally fast. As with all of our websites, this website was built to be completely responsive; with contextual navigation and clean font size transitions, this web experience is optimized for every screen.