3 things we're tired of seeing in your Alaskan business's logo

By Kyle Fox

You’re a small-business owner in Alaska in need of a logo. Maybe you’ve been at this for years, and have recently decided your logo needs a redesign. Maybe you haven’t started your business yet. There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for logos, but we’ve seen enough to be able to tell you what not to include.

3. The Northern Lights

Yes, they’re beautiful and colorful. They’re also very popular. Many Alaskan businesses incorporate the northern lights into their logo; it’s a low-hanging Alaskan cultural reference that already has an interesting shape and color palette. People think this means they can create a semi-interesting design without putting much thought into it.

2. Moose and/or Caribou

Unless your business is directly related to these hoofed beasts– like our friends at the Reindeer Farm– do yourself a favor and rethink integrating them into your logo. Think about why you wanted one of these in the first place. If your only desire was to “Alaskanize” your iconography, you probably need to reorganize your priority list before commissioning someone.

1. Mountains

We get it. They’re everywhere, all the time. Mountains are constantly on the horizon here, and you want your logo to convey that same common Alaskan experience. So does everyone else. You can’t drive down the highway without seeing a business with a mountain or two in the logo. If you want your company’s symbol to be like everybody else’s, make it a mountain.

A Note

As we mentioned before, every logo is a special case. It’s an art; there are no “rules.” If you feel one or all of these are a quintessential part of your business, go for it– just ask one of our experts if it’s a good idea first.