Your website's not broke, but it may still need fixing

By by Kyle Fox

You’ve had a dependable company website for years. That may be the problem. Websites can seem like a one-and-done investment, but to use a site effectively you’ll need to update it regularly. Let us break it down for you.


any advertiser will tell you that every color, shape and sentence on your site is something customers associate with your brand. If those shapes are dull, uninteresting, or look like something more at home in an early 2000s flash game… well, it doesn’t say great things about you. Graphical standards are constantly updating, and as screen resolutions get better, more of your site is seen. Most experts recommend overhauling your site completely every three years.


when people first hear about your business, chances are they’re not at a computer. Many of your business’s first impressions are done viaa phone. Thus, responsive design– that is, mobile optimization– is a requirement. Plus, that responsive design has to keep up with constantly updating software systems and browsers. You can have the sleekest site on the net, but if mobile users have to scroll to the side to see the whole page, it’s going to look poorly-made.


Look around, middle schoolers are building websites for their school projects. It’s incredibly easy to make a passable site, and consumers know it. If you don’t have an updated website, it tells your customers one of two things: you’re lazy, or you’re drastically behind the times. Neither is a good look.

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