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At Alopex, we work closely with our clients to develop powerful brands that are beautiful — and, more importantly — effective.

Working with our Alaskan clients, we start by listening. Once we understand your goals, we begin crafting concepts, often starting with sketches, and then working with you to refine your brand design. Through an iterative design process, Alopex develops a comprehensive brand guide that provides our clients with custom color palettes, a typography guide, and an incredibly robust file package with every file type anyone could possibly use.

Sub Services


Our team will cross reference Alaska and Federal trademark records to ensure that your brand can be protected.

Brand Guide

Every brand we design is packaged into an organized folder that contains a brand guide, outlining your files, typography, and colors.

File Package

Your logo files are packaged with accessibility and organization in mind, including all necessary file formats, fonts, and color information for easy and confident use across various channels.

Brand Strategy

We collaboratively work to develop bespoke brand strategies that capture your unique value proposition, messaging, and market positioning.

Brand Audit

Alopex provides comprehensive evaluations of brands, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth to ensure that your brand is consistently resonating with your target audience.

Brand Experiences

We love designing immersive and engaging brand experiences that captivate audiences and leave lasting emotional connections, driving brand awareness, loyalty, and conversions.

K2 Aviation came to Alopex to refresh their branding and bring it into the 2020s. The Alopex graphic designers produced no fewer than 40 logo variations before K2 decided to settle on their modern, whimsical brand design.

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At Alopex our Alaskan designers are the key to our success. While many Alaska marketing agencies keep their designers behind closed doors, our approach is far more direct. We like to meet our clients and ask questions, and we love showing off our concepts, working directly with you to develop a logo and brand language that you believe in. It’s why some of Alaska’s largest companies have come to Alopex to develop their logos.

Locally Sourced Talent

There is no outsourcing at Alopex, we produce everything right in our beautiful home state of Alaska. You get to work directly with us to develop meaningful creative.


Most Alaskans and visitors come across the brands we helped develop on a daily basis. We are the creative agency behind many of Alaska’s most recognizable brands, including MTA, K2 Aviation, Rust’s, and Sheldon Chalet.


Our branding packages are thorough. Not only do we provide our clients with every file type they could ever need, we show our clients how to best use their brand by developing color palettes and font packages.

Your team


Bobby Burns

Bobby has worked at Alopex going on a decade. He started as a designer before becoming a client liaison, helping them build better marketing experiences.


Ben Hall

As our resident copywriter, Ben works directly with our clients to develop the tone and language of their brand.


Elijah Montecelli

Elijah is Alopex's production artist, contributing to the graphic design and organization of branding packages.


Zane Ogle

Zane is possibly the fasted designer in Alaska and his work can be seen all over the state. Most of our logos are hand-crafted by this guy.


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