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Your Local Alaska Web Support and Website Management Gurus

Regardless of whether we built your website or not, Alopex can troubleshoot almost any issue and manage your website.

Almost half of what we do in our Alaska development office is fix and maintain existing websites to keep them up and running — we’ll even make it better if you want us to. From Wordpress to Drupal, Squarespace to native apps, our team of developers is adept at triaging, troubleshooting, and refining digital products. And because we are based in Palmer, Alaska, you can even come see how we do it.

Website Support and Maintenance Sub Services

Skilled Developers

Our Alaskan website developers are second to none. Our clients know that when they are working with our development team they are working with Alaska’s best.

Reverse Engineering

We have been rectifying Alaska websites for almost a decade. Our team can untangle any code to understand the issue and present stable, reliable solutions.


Websites are complex, especially if they were developed by someone who wasn’t qualified. We often audit other developers’ work and present our findings.

Hosting Consolidation

It’s the 2020s — you shouldn’t be paying $50+ for your website hosting unless it does something insane. Alopex offers hosting migration to get you onto stable, affordable hosting services.


Alopex will take your website and integrate powerful tools to ensure we can just rewind if something goes wrong. It’s the “undo” button for your website.

WordPress Experts

We are Alaska’s WordPress experts. Alopex builds custom WordPress themes and integrations regularly, so not only can we manage your website, we can continuously improve it.

When Softbank required a team to maintain one of their marketing sites for applied robotics, it was Alopex that they turned to. Our development team engineered a number of interactions they needed on the website, and they were up and running in no time.

Alopex has managed my websites for half a decade. That includes my private chef site, kitchen design site, and now, my food truck website. Working with them is a seamless experience, and it allows me to concentrate on what I’m good at.

Chef Schott Nechay

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The Alopex developers will work directly with you to resolve your website emergency at a rate of $120 per hour. Simply click here to start a conversation with us and we’ll get to work.

Maintenance Plans

We offer three tiers of maintenance contracts with a minimum commitment of 3 months. There is a $250 setup fee that allows Alopex to move your website to our preferred hosting provider—hosting is included in the maintenance fee below.

All plans include: Fast response time and audits with recommendations.


  • We will monitor the website and install a backup system. This will allow us to revert the site should it ever go down. This does not include website updates, it is merely a proactive means of preventing downtime.
  • We will also perform bi-monthly audits with recommendations should updates need to occur.
  • Response within one business day

$150 per month


  • Includes everything in Monitoring, and we will perform all updates that show up along the way.
  • We will devote up to 1.5 hours a month to improving the website —including SEO, speed optimization, and any changes requested by the client.
  • We provide monthly reporting with recommendations.
  • Response within one business day

$250 per month


  • Includes everything in enhanced, but far more proactive. We will install and monitor enhanced security measures.
  • 3 hours of service in any capacity required.
  • 12-hour response time.

starting at $500 per month

Whether Wordpress or Drupal, we got this.

Our team of Alaskan web developers can tackle anything built with code. Whether WordPress, Squarespace, or an iOS app, you can rest assured knowing that we get your website performing and doing what it needs to do.

Get real responses in a timely manner.

We are based in Palmer, Alaska, so there are no language barriers. Our team is available and easy to talk to, we have a no bullshit policy. You can even drop into our office to discuss things in person.

Our skills extend beyond code.

Our Alaska website agency is composed of developers and designers who often work in tandem. If we see something that needs to be fixed, we have experts who can fix it in an elegant way.

This is what we do.

We have been maintaining some of Alaska’s most used websites for over a decade. From massive news websites to small business pages, our team is built for this.

Your team


Tim Schorr

Tim is a one-stop shop for your coding needs. He has been building ground-up solutions for clients all over the world for the past decade.


Bobby Burns

Bobby is often the touchpoint for our Alaskan website clients, working with them to ensure that their digital properties are up-to-date.


Bryar Bennett

As our UX designer, it’s Bryars job to ensure that Alopex managed websites adhere to usability standards — and that they look good doing so.


We'll get your website performing and doing exactly what you need it to.

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