MTA Brand Refresh


When it mattered most, MTA turned to Alopex for a comprehensive rebranding, including a complete redesign of their website and an overhaul of their marketing and presence.

In 2019, MTA approached us with a challenge to revamp their aging brand. MTA's overall presentation had remained unchanged for too long, and they wanted to upgrade their image to be more tech-forward and recognizable. Alopex took on the task of elevating MTA's brand, from branding to website to marketing, to give the company a fresh, modern look that reflected their innovative spirit. The result was a successful deep overhaul of MTA's overall presence, positioning them as a tech-forward company ready to take on the future.

Our team dedicated the first few months to understanding what MTA had, and what was missing, to provide a solid foundation for the overhaul. To ensure the project was on track, constant communication and regular meetings were held with upper management to present our findings and proposals.

We continued with the brand revision, which served as the foundation for a comprehensive overhaul. Tha brand revision aimed to modernize MTA’s image and make it more tech-forward, while still maintaining its core values. For the redesign of the website, we worked closely with MTA to understand existing user patterns, identify opportunities for change, and ensure critical features were not impacted. The result was a user-friendly, visually appealing website that accurately reflected MTA’s brand and provided a seamless user experience. Alopex’s efforts resulted in a successful deep overhaul of MTA’s overall presence, elevating the company to a tech-forward brand ready to take on the future.

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